The inpec-covid19 project


The INPEC-COVID19 project has received ART (Transversal Actions Research) funding from the Research Commission of the University of Tours and has a cross-cutting and transdisciplinary focus on the COVID-19 pandemic crisis that the world has been experiencing for over a year now.

In this project, the team is particularly interested in the short- and medium-term consequences of the injunctions to continuity and discontinuity that have been or can be issued since the beginning of the crisis, which has impacted society at multiple levels. We study the effects of these injunctions, particularly on the psycho-social, health, economic, managerial and legal levels. These effects are then apprehended and analysed during the crisis period itself, but also in a broader temporal perspective since we are also interested in their potential sustainability after the crisis.

Psychological, economic and legal sciences, as well as management and marketing sciences, are mobilised to understand these injunctions and allow us to question:

  • the economic model in which this crisis is occurring and the possible transformation of this model following this crisis
  • the legal issues raised by this crisis and the various measures that have resulted from it, as well as the management of the flow of cases that the judiciary must deal with in a context where working conditions make it difficult to process them
  • the psychological repercussions of the systems and measures put in place to contain the pandemic in a society that was clearly unprepared
  • the transformation of organisational models and forms of work which led companies and public services to adopt new practices and new tools (particularly digital) with the introduction of teleworking or solutions to ensure the continuity of their activities
  • health practices and, in particular, the behaviour of citizens when faced with recommendations, obligations and bans, the acceptability of which may constitute a real issue.

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